Every engaged couple wants their wedding day to be special, but many duos tying the knot would also agree that going on a honeymoon is just as exciting as the big day.


Like the wedding itself, a honeymoon should represent the couple’s interests and what they value. It’s the first trip a married couple will take, and it should be a trip they look back on fondly as helping to set the tone for their union. If you plan on saying “I Do” in 2018 and still haven’t decided on a honeymoon location, these are the places you should consider.


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For True Romantics


Marrakesh, Morocco


Marrakesh is intoxicating with its grand architecture, lively markets, rich history and spice-filled air. A visit here is a sexy way to start a marriage and these pictures will give you a taste of what to expect in the “Red City.”




Prague, Czech Republic


Prague is a city for dreamers. It’s hard to compete with the allure of Paris, but Prague, with its many castles, cobble-stone streets and Old Word design, packs its own romantic charm.


For The Budget-Conscious


Bali, Indonesia


Bali may initially sound like an exotic and expensive destination, but any visitor will tell you that nearly everything, from beachside accommodations to the food and activities, cost very little for such a popular island.




Puerto Varas, Chile


The lakeside town is filled with affordable shops and eateries and has charming German-inspired architecture. It’s a little-known gem that’s still surprisingly not filled with American tourists.


For Relaxation


Now that the wedding frenzy has calmed down, it’s time for some rest and relaxation.


The Maldives


What could be more romantic than having a private hut to yourself set atop the most crystal-clear water you’ve ever seen? The Maldives is nothing short of a paradise and is ideal for the ultimate unwind.




The Caribbean


No two destinations in the Caribbean are alike, but they all make for serene places to rest and rejuvenate. If you want to support a black-owned resort during your honeymoon while also enjoying all-inclusive resort amenities, read more about the Spice Island Beach Resort here.


For City Explorers


London, England


London may not be the first place you think of when you imagine a honeymoon destination, but if you want to explore a diverse city that honors its past and is firmly planted in the present, there’s no place better. After all, a beachside honeymoon isn’t for everyone.




Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm is one of the techiest cities in Europe. It’s not cheap to visit, but here you’ll find great art, nature, and what the BBC called a “truly modern metropolis” both socially and as far as innovation.