Remote work is on the rise and with it comes many benefits including an opportunity for better work-life balance, the elimination of stressful commutes, and the potential to save some coins in the process. Another major bonus is location independence. Whether you want to move to another city or take on a nomadic lifestyle, remote work means that you’re not tethered to one geographic location. The only question is where should you go? Amerisleep has the answer. The sleep experts conducted a study to identify the best and worst states for working remotely.

The company examined the most populated cities in each of the 50 states using factors like utility costs, internet speed, cost of monthly transportation, commute time, and COVID-19 cases. Based on the overall themes of work environment and home-living environment, they then calculated a Total Index Score.

Coming out on top as the best state for working remotely was New York, with a total Index score of 83.07. The Big Apple has the longest commute time in the United States, averaging 33.3 minutes. But it boasts the highest internet speed with 190.5mbps — something that comes in clutch when working remotely.

If home living environment is high up on your priority list, then consider Colorado. The western state known for its snow-capped Rocky Mountains comes in at number two on the list. Low average monthly utility bills ($127.91) and internet prices ($62.76) are a strong selling point.

Rounding out the top three is Illinois, where the broadband speeds are high (171.3mbps) and the internet bills low ($57.65). The rest of the top ten includes:

4. Washington
5. Maryland
6. Massachusetts
7. Minnesota
8. Pennsylvania
9. California
10. Georgia

On the flipside, South Dakota has the dubious distinction of being the worst state for working remotely based on its 74.5mbps broadband speed, short commute time of 17 minutes, and cheap monthly transportation costs of $30. All things considered, remote working isn’t cost-effective.

Mississippi follows closely behind as the second-worst state for remote working in the US. The state averages high monthly utility bills of $265.67 and internet prices of $78.50 combined with slow broadband speeds of 84.5mbps. On the bright side, Mississippi has one of the lowest COVID-19 rates in the U.S., with 17 cases per 100,000 people.

Nebraska brings up the rear as the third worst state thanks to one of the worst broadband speeds at 90.3mbps and high monthly internet prices of $78.68. The rest of the top ten worst states for working remotely includes:

4. Iowa
5. Arkansas
6. New Mexico
7. Kansas
8. Vermont
9. Missouri
10. Louisiana

But the beauty of remote work is that even if you happen to live in a less favorable state, there is always the option to make a change.

Amerisleep researcher April Mayer added, “For almost two years now, Covid-19 has changed the landscape for remote working. Companies and employers have needed to adapt to the changing circumstances to expand their remote work options for their employees. This study provides an insight into which states offer the best options for those working from home.”