Beat the heat this summer with travel to some cooler destinations you may not have thought of. Grinding through the summer months in places like Texas, Florida and Georgia equal air conditioned cars, buildings and yes, even vacations. There are two choices. Either complete the touristy activities by noon, or, suffer unbearable conditions all day in the sweltering heat.

Beat The Heat This Summer by Traveling To These 5 Cool Destinations

The Southern Hemisphere’s winter months are from June to August. So, while the Northern Hemisphere is celebrating the shortest day of the year, the Southern Hemisphere is celebrating the longest. These five places aren’t blistering cold either. They’re cooler, which makes dining al fresco more comfortable, and probably less humid than it is in the tropics. Take a break from those unbearably hot summer months and escape with travel to these cool destinations.

If cool weather travel is looking appealing, then jump on these places to travel this summer. Go skiing in New Zealand. Try to stay up with the sun for the 19 hours it’s out in Alaska. Hop on a boat and partake in whale watching off the coast of South Africa. Stay at a resort made completely of salt and relax in the spas. Wear that favorite fall outfit before the season even starts. Create new summer memories with cool travel to these destinations and get winter in July.

1. South Africa


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The usual high temperatures in destinations such as Cape Town are around 64°F and cool down to a chilly 44°F in the evening. Cool and manageable.

Stay at the Ellerman House in Cape Town to feel the relaxation that the luxury beach house villas bring. The openness of the living room spills right into a plunge pool that overlooks the beach below.

Winter activities include whale watching, day drives and visiting Table Mountain. This is a getaway for those wanting a seaside escape with access to big city life.

2. Argentina

Argentina is a great idea for those wanting to escape the heat, the average highs only reach 58°F and lows at 50°F. Venture into the Andes to find some snow!

Wear those late autumn fits while on vacation in July. So, pack those sweaters, boots and those low-rise, baggy jeans (yep, the days of skinny jeans are on the way out for now).

Feel like hanging in the city? Go to Argentina’s Four Seasons Hotel and book the La Mansión Ambassador Suite. It gives elegant yet trendy princess vibes.

Seeking more of a secluded feel? Visit The Vines Luxury Resort in Mendoza. Take a break in their two-bedroom Deluxe Villa with a view of Lake Andes. Spend time exploring the grounds, including the private vineyards, all with their small-batch wine in hand.

3. Bolivia

Expect temperatures between 28°F and 56°F in the month of July in Bolivia. A nice touch of cold, but not cold to the bones kind of cold.

Take some time away at the Ludas Salads Hotel del Sal y Spa. The salt and spa hotel encourages guests to, “step away from the modern world and reconnect with nature in this ancient and remote corner of Bolivia. Relax in hotel rooms and suites beautifully designed with vibrant Andean charm, art, and furniture.”

This luxury hotel is made completely of salt. Melt into the spa with uninterrupted views of the salt flats. Put on those comfy dress clothes to indulge in the hotel’s savory, local cuisine.


4. Alaska

Dive into a super mild summer on the southern coast of Alaska. Average temperatures in July range from 62°F to 50°F. The southern coast of Alaska gets about 19 hours of sunlight a day. So, including dusk and dawn, visitors rarely see complete darkness. On June 20, it is light at midnight in most places in Alaska.

Alaska tourists come in drones in the summer months, with up to 2 million visitors each season. The cool weather, surreal nature and wildlife as well as the welcoming attitude of Alaska residents make first time visitors want to return over and over again.

Escape from the heat of those southern summers in the States and step into adventure at Tutka Bay Lodge. Bear viewing, glacier trekking and kayaking can fill the appetite of any adventurous traveler. Cooking classes, bird watching and tide pooling for the low key travelers. Take time away from the grueling heat of summer and dip into the last Frontier.

5. New Zealand

Temperatures in New Zealand during America’s summer months range from 45°F and 55°F. The South Island may get into the 30s. However, the North Island temperatures are almost never below freezing.

Of course the best skiing and snowboarding is mid-season, around mid-August and mid-September. Imagine hitting the slopes at the hottest time of year in the U.S. What a relief from the heat that would be!

Fly into luxury at The Carlin Hotel and reserve one of the 12 seats on their luxury charter. “The jet not only offers state-of-the-art in-flight amenities to keep you occupied in air, but also the chance to bypass airport queues and arrive at The Carlin with utmost privacy.”

Live music, a gym and some of the most perfectly plated meals await. Pick the Bayview Suite and dip those toes into the suite’s private on-deck hot tub while taking in the views of the mountains and the water on this luxurious getaway.