Bali is a dream destination for both novice and seasoned travelers that wish to visit a place with a rich heritage and spiritual culture, so if you haven’t experienced Indonesia, these flight deals may be just what you need to finally see Bali for yourself.


With some digging, Los Angeles travelers that can be in Bali for a few weeks can now find round-trip flights for as little as $482 on XiamenAir for travel in September, with more affordable flights that cost less than $700 available between this fall and next spring.



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New York-based travelers will find round-trip flights available for as little as $638 for travel dates between November 2018 and March 2019, and deals were also found for those leaving from airports in Washington D.C. ($794), Boston ($743), Chicago ($604), Houston ($739), San Francisco ($604) and many more cities throughout the United States.


Like many destinations in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is known for being inexpensive for American travelers, with many visitors being able to explore comfortably for less than $50 per day including the price for lodging. The American dollar goes far in Bali, so finding a flight that is a great price could make the difference between you enjoying a lavish vacation well within your budget.


Do a bit of research to make sure that this flight deal is the best you can find before you purchase your tickets, and get started planning your getaway by visiting Google Flights or using our sample itinerary here and adjusting the departure city and travel dates to suit your travel needs.