3 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Next Flight
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

3 Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Next Flight

Shontel Horne
Shontel Horne May 22, 2018

Finding a great deal on a flight can sometimes feel like you’ve hit the lottery, but before you buy that cheap flight, keep these three questions in mind.


Am I Getting A Good Deal?


There’s something so satisfying about finding a ticket to a foreign destination for a great price, but before I drop any cash on a flight, I always do my due diligence and check with airlines and deal sites to make sure my deal is the best I can find. Comparative shopping can help you get a better bargain than the first one that attracted your attention, and saving more money is never a bad thing.


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What Comes With My Fare? 


The basic economy flight boom over the last few years has been both a blessing and a curse. It’s cheaper than ever to get to destinations all around the world, but cheap airfare typically means you don’t get basics like access to overhead storage, checked luggage, in-flight meals and choice of where you sit. I’ve often bumped up my fare class so that I don’t have to worry about paying extra for food while on board or to check a bag, so make sure your fare comes with everything you’ll need for a comfortable flight. You’ll also want to be extra vigilant and do research if the deal is on an airline you’ve never flown.


Am I Traveling At A Good Time? 


In January, I was seconds away from booking a $500 flight to Thailand for travel in May until I decided to check to see what kind of weather to expect in the spring month. Sure enough, May is the hottest time to visit Thailand, and while I enjoy a little heat, the thought of exploring a different country while battling 90+ degree weather made me think twice. Check to see what you can expect from the destination you’ll be visiting before you book your flight, especially if you’ve never visited before. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it could be because it’s not an enjoyable time to visit.

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