Need a luxury car in a rush while you’re visiting some of the most fascinating cities in the world? Audi is getting into the car rental game, and they’re making it incredibly quick and easy to cruise the streets of cities like Singapore, Munich and Hong Kong in style thanks to a convenient new car rental program.

Audi on demand, a rapidly growing premium mobile app and service, lets customers rent new cars from the German automobile manufacturer while in cities where the program is currently live. You don’t have to be an Audi owner to use the service, which debuted in Hong Kong in late 2017, simply download the app, choose from a selection of available cars, and wait as an Audi concierge brings the car to your home, hotel or office in two hours or less.

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Customers can also request complimentary accessories like car seats and ski racks to go with the rental car, and the service is currently available for locals and visitors in San Francisco, Singapore, Munich, Manchester UK, Hong Kong and Beijing.

To learn more about how the service works, visit Audi’s special website for more information here.