Let’s get right to it: Aruba could be in your near future thanks to these affordable flight deals from many cities throughout the United States.


While we didn’t spot many sale fares to Aruba for the summer months, now is the time to score tickets on airlines like Delta, United and Jetblue for as little as $370 if you’re leaving from New York City in September or October.



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If you’re based in Seattle, keep your eyes open for deals in the high 400s and low 500s for travel between August 2018 and May 2019, and we also found similar fare prices for travel to Aruba from Portland, Oregon (flights starting at $498) and San Francisco (flights from $483). Chicago-based travelers should be on the hunt for affordable airfare priced around $377 on select dates, and if you’re based in Miami, flights are currently available for as little at $300 on COPA.


Aruba has some of the best beaches, casinos, parks and attractions in the world, but like any other Caribbean destination in the fall, the Hurricane season is always a bit of a tricky time to travel to the region. The wintertime flights could be a great excuse to spend the holidays in the Caribbean, but always check the fare restrictions to see if your flights allow you to make changes to your reservation before booking. Head to Google Flights or use our sample flight itinerary here to begin planning your getaway to Aruba.