As if flying isn’t stressful enough during the coronavirus pandemic, imagine being on a flight that was then delayed after a passenger decided to hide in first class.

Passengers on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Miami were delayed by three hours due to the woman’s behavior.

How It All Started

The plane was already delayed by 90 minutes after a catering truck hit a cargo door.   The woman reportedly told a passenger that she was going to talk with a friend in first-class during the delay.

The aircraft was full, with every seat taken, which alerted a flight attendant.

A passenger on the plane told aviation website View From The Wing that he saw a woman crawl under the television consul and hide behind an ottoman.  She planned to stay there for the entire flight, hoping to spark some clout on social media and gain more viewers on her YouTube channel.

The crew announced that the passenger should immediately return to her seat, or the plane would not take off. 

The flight’s captain announced a “security issue” and proceeded to return to the gate.

The woman hiding snatched off her mask to scream that she was being disrespected, did nothing wrong, paid good money for her ticket and that she has a child at home waiting for her before taking off.

After the pilot returned to the gate, the hiding passenger was removed from the plane.

When flight crews asked her accomplice to leave, she refused to leave. The captain came out of the cockpit and ordered the woman to get off his plane.

She responded that she is not going anywhere, forcing the police to board the plane and drag her off.

Another passenger started swearing at a flight attendant forcing the police to remove him too.

So, in the end, the aircraft was delayed for a total of three hours.