Time is running out for you to catch one-way flights starting at just $49 during a one-day flash sale from Alaska Air.

Head to AlaskaAir.com right now to find deals on both domestic and several international flights for travel between September 12 and November 7. The fare rules are below:

Purchase by 11:59 pm (PT) on May 15, 2018, and at least 21 days prior to travel. Travel is valid Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from September 12, 2018 – November 7, 2018. Bag fees may apply for checked baggage. See bottom of page for full terms and conditions.

If you’re based in Los Angeles, expect to see flights to Las Vegas and San Francisco starting at $49, with tickets to Seattle and Portland, Oregon going for $69 each way. For international flights, keep an eye out on the $169 one-way to Liberia, Costa Rica, and scoop up the $99 flight to Los Cabos, the $119 flight to Mexico City, and the $129 flight to Guadalajara if you’re in the mood for a trip to Mexico.

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Other deals include an $89 one-way flight between Denver and Seattle, St. Louis to San Diego for $99, San Francisco to Maui for $189, and New York City to Los Angeles for $149. There are deals for flights in major cities across the country, but the best deals are for those that are the West Coast and can take advantage of the cheap San Diego flights to Kauai and Kona that are going for just $149 one-way.

Finding the best deal from your local airport is surprisingly easy and quick. Visit the Alaska Air website here and select your departure city in the drop-down menu where it says “Deals from” to find flights that work for you.