Visiting certain countries will become more expensive in 2022 and beyond. Due to the adverse effects the pandemic had on tourism, certain destinations have now made the decision to charge visitors a tourism tax to help recover or to create a means to preserve areas against predatory tourism.

From Thailand and Venice to the Maldives, we’ve created this list of destinations that are certainly moving forward with a tourism tax this year. So, as you plan your travels this year, be sure to add these fees into your travel budget.

See the list below:

1. Thailand

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With its tourism sector ravaged by the pandemic, Thailand announced last year that it will charge a $9 entry fee for foreign visitors.

The 300 baht tax will begin in April to fund the management of tourist attractions and cover accident insurance for some visitors who cannot pay the fees themselves.

2. Venice

Visiting Venice for “free” is out the window as of this year. The city, which is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, will charge between 3 and 10 euros for every tourist who wants to enter starting on July 20, 2022.


3. European Union

In 2022, tourists from countries that are not a part of the EU— including Americans— will be charged 7 euros to complete an entry application.

The new rule is slated to begin later in the year, and aims to increase security and help prevent threats to the health of the bloc.

4. Maldives

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Currently, tourists traveling to the Maldives pay $50 in fees to the local government. As we previously reported,  this fee may reach up to $190, depending on your flight travel class.

Taxes will be assessed as the following: $60 for non-residents traveling internationally in economy class. US$120 for non-residents traveling internationally in business class. $180 for non-residents traveling internationally on first class

5. Norway

Known for its  fjords, and attracting thousands of tourists each year, Norway is also introducing a tourist tax this year.

The rate will  be 80 Norwegian krone ($9) per passenger for flights with destinations in Europe and 214 Norwegian krone per passenger for other flights.