5 Cities Around The World That Are Perfect To Explore On A Bike
Photo Credit: kate_sept2004

Photo Credit: kate_sept2004

5 Cities Around The World That Are Perfect To Explore On A Bike

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Jun 1, 2022

Exploring a new city is exciting and exhilarating. From cultural attractions to coffee shops and shopping, seeing all that a city has to offer is a must. One of the best and easiest ways to explore a new destination is by bike. 

Biking through cities is not only cost-effective but is a great way to get exercise while traveling.  

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Here are 5 cities perfect for biking:

San Francisco, California


If you want to avoid the many hills in San Franciso, take “The Wiggle,” a bath originally set as a footpath for the Ohlone tribe. Biking this route allows you to explore the city from downtown San Fran to Golden Gate Park. 

This route is safe for cyclists and you’ll most likely be riding alongside skateboarders and other cyclists.

There are public water bottle refill stations, restaurants, and a bakery along the way!

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Copenhagen, Denmark


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Copenhagen is the first bike city in the world and is known as Cycle City. It also has a biking highway!

Lille Langebro is one of the newest bicycle bridges in the city and an easy ride. Be sure to ride through the 17-century waterfront, Nyhavn, and visit Tivoli Garden, a century-old amusement park. 

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Infamously known for having more bikes than people, Amsterdam is ideal for exploring while on a bike. There are over 800,000 bikes in the city and residents bike more than they drive. 

Take a journey along the Amstel River south on the Ouderker aan de Amstel trail, which is the landscape that inspired Rembrandt’s art.

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Montréal, Canada


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This Canadian city has 435 miles of bike paths and is one of the top cities for cycling in North America. 

Rent a bike from a station and venture through the city on one of its dedicated bike lanes. The Belvedere observatory is the perfect place to catch the sunrise. 

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Portland, Oregon


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Head to the west coast to explore one of the few bike-friendly and eco-friendly cities in the United States. Portland has the highest number of people who commute to work on a bike than any other city in the U.S. 

Catch one of the city’s many bike tours to explore stunning views of the Tualatin Valley and cute shops and restaurants along the way. 

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