Carla and Jarahn Newman are celebrating four years of marriage. It’s hard to believe that as full-time lawyers and parents, the two manages to plan a vacation into their busy schedules.

From Russia to Italy, the Netherlands, Jamaica, and Estonia, the two have traveled to a total of 21 countries so far.

Travel Noire recently caught up with the Newmans to hear more about the other set of rules these two play by when they’re not in the courtroom.

Travel Noire: What’s your favorite country so far, and why?

Mrs. Newman: My favorite country that we have visited thus far is Italy. I am not a foodie, but each time we visit Italy it’s such an experience for my tastebuds. Also, I think Italy has such a romantic feel. I have fond memories of our gondola ride in Venice and an amazing authentic Italian meal under a beautiful chandelier in Florence. 

Mr. Newman: My favorite country thus far has been the Netherlands. I remember being totally awestruck of Amsterdam. It was nothing like what I imagined but everything I loved. I really enjoy cities with beautiful waterways. Amsterdam has beautiful canals, great food, and even better beer. 

Saint Petersburg, Russia
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TN: What’s the best part about traveling together?

The Newmans: Our favorite part about traveling together is our ability to experience new places together. Our marriage is full of rich memories of the places we have visited, the cultures that we have experienced and the people we have met along the way.  

Each place that we have visited is a patch in the quilt of our life together.

Dragor Village, Denmark Instagram | lovelawleisure

TN: What advice would you give traveling couples?

The Newmans: The advice we would give to traveling couples is to make travel a priority. Whether it’s budget backpacking or extravagant travel, just go!

Each year Jarahn and I take one large trip together, just the two of us. The time we spend together on that trip is so therapeutic for our marriage. We finish the trip feeling renewed, refreshed, and reconnected. 

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