Traveling will expose you to new ways of living and doing. Not only will you try new foods and learn different languages, but you’ll be able to see how beautiful other countries are with your own eyes. 

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is stroll through cities and experiencing the beauty of streets unknown. Some streets are filled with colorful homes while others are very monochromatic. Either way, this world has some pretty interesting and stunning streets to discover through travel.

Here are the most beautiful streets in the world.

Convent Avenue – Harlem, New York City

From West 140th Street to 145th Street, you’ll see the beautiful street known as Convent Avenue. Head to 339 Convent Avenue to view The Royal Tenenbaums’ house. You’ll also see the stunning Convent Avenue Baptist Church while strolling this Harlem street.

Caminito – La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito means “the little path” in Spanish and is also the most colorful street in Buenos Aires. 

There was once a railroad that ran through this area but it closed in the 1950s, resulting in the street becoming neglected. A local artist by the name of Benito Quinquela Martin saw potential in the street and began the process of bringing it back to life.

Now Caminito is known as a street museum and showcases local artists’ works. 

Brouwersgracht – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you’re interested in seeing old architecture, this is your spot. Brouwersgracht is filled with warehouses from the 17th century, tanneries and it’s the space where spice traders once operated. 

Known as the most stunning street in Amsterdam, Brouwersgracht has great views of canals and Dutch architecture. 

Jinli Street – Chengdu, China

This area is lined with Qing Dynasty style wooden homes and stores as well as traditional signage and red lanterns. 

The street was restored in 2004 but it can be traced back to 1,800 years and is one of the oldest shopping areas in the Sichuan province. 

The Philosopher’s Walk – Kyoto, Japan

Located along the canal running between Ginkaku-Ji and Nanzen-Ji is the Philosopher’s Walk, an area occupied with cherry trees. 

Head here in early April to catch cherry blossom season in full bloom. 

Cockburn Street – Edinburgh, Scotland

Cockburn Street is the ideal location if you’re interested in Victorian architecture. 

The street was built in the 1850s and is steep and curving, meant to provide easy access to the then-new train station during medieval times. 

Blue City – Jodhpur, India

The streets of the Blue City will completely enchant you. All of the buildings were painted blue to indicate there was a presence of the Brahmin, priest or caste.

To get the best experience, take time to stroll through the alleyways of this historic area. 

Hosier Lane – Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is known globally as a street art mecca. Hosier Lane is filled with street art from graffiti artists from around the world. 

The Royal Crescent – Bath, England

Built between 1767 and 1775, the street built with 30 terraced houses was built. 

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Herbert Baker Street – Pretoria, South Africa

Travel between September and November to see the jacaranda trees in all its glory. You’ll be able to see 70,000 trees from the Klapperkop Nature Reserve in Pretoria but its Herbert Baker Street that dons the best views. 

The street is located in Groenkloof and has 100 white jacarandas. 

Cogels-Osylei – Zurenborg, Antwerp, Belgium

Cogels-Osylei is beautifully lined with impressively built houses. 

Chefchaouen – Morocco

Located in northwest Morocco is Chefchaouen, alleyways filled with blue. There isn’t a definite reason why the streets are blue but some say its to prevent mosquitos while others say it was painted blue by Jewish refugees after escaping the Nazis in Germany. 

Heerstrasse – Bonn, Germany

Also known as Cherry Blossom Avenue is Heerstraase. If you go there during the beginning of spring, you’ll see glowing pink streets. 

The trees were planted in the 1980s and were imported from Japan. This area will make you feel like you’ve visited two countries for the price of one!

Mykonos Old Town – Greece

Mykonos has become a tourist hot spot, with most visiting during the summer months. 

Stroll through its narrow alleyways and beautiful streets and you’ll discover whitewashed houses and shops. 

Via dei Coronari – Rome, Italy

Head to Rome with your bae and slowly take in the beauty of Via dei Coronari. The buildings date back to the Renaissance and are perfect for enjoying an espresso and people watching. 

The Dark Hedges, Bregagh Road – County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The street fueled with beech trees is one of the most loved sights in Northern Ireland by photographers. 

It’s also the area used as the Kingsroad in “Game of Thrones”. 

Nevsky Prospekt – St. Petersburg, Russia

The buildings in Nevsky Prospekt are some of the best-preserved in all of Russia. Notable sites include the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood and the Kazan Cathedral. 

Square de Montsouris – Paris, France

This private cobbled road is quite easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. The street connects Parc Montsouris with Avenue Reille and has some of the most stunning homes embellished with stained glass and mosaics. 

Umbrella Sky Project – Agueda, Portugal

Taking place from July through September is the annual Agitagueda Art Festival, formed partly by the Umbrella Sky Project. 

Umbrellas are hung from the rooftop in order to prevent the harsh summer heat in addition to adding colorful aesthetics. 

Flask Walk – Hampstead, London, England

Located a few steps away from the Hampstead Tube station is this quaint street. The street begins as a narrow alleyway but ends as an opening to the beautiful residential streets of London. While strolling through Flask Walk, you’ll see traditional British pubs and Victorian shopfronts. 

Lombard Street – San Francisco, California

This street is one of the busiest tourist spots in San Francisco. It is known as the most crooked street in the world. Getting a view from the top is the best way to enjoy this street.