Release your inner child on your next visit to the UK by staying in this UFO Airbnb rental. This Airbnb located in Templeton, Wales is one of the UK’s quirkiest rentals going and is, obviously, out of this world.

Travelers hoping to stay in Wales and experience something different with this UFO Airbnb space are in for a treat. The Airbnb, the ‘Spodnic’, includes 3 beds, 1.5 bathrooms, endless green views and a hot tub. As the British Summertime starts to pick up, June is the perfect time to visit and enjoy outer space. See images of this private UFO themed Airbnb here.

This holiday home is self-contained and includes a hot tub for some extra terrestrial kind of luxury. Expect a few extra surprises too. A stay in his special UFO warrants space helmets, two bunk-beds, neon lighting, a hot tub and a Tardis-shaped toilet, naturally.

The listing notes that Spodnic ‘is situated in its own private fully fenced and gated garden ideal for rest and relaxation.’ The self-contained galactic- themed Airbnb is ideal for kids and also allows pets (for an additional fee for cleaning). The outdoor kitchen and dining area make it a summer hit too.

This space dome is available for $195 USD throughout the month of June.

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