The holidays can bring out a range of emotions for many of us, and even trigger sadness and seasonal depression as nearly 14 percent of Americans being impacted by the “winter blues.” Whether you’re working your way through the winter blues or want to avoid the yearly family fights that happen when you touch down in your home city, traveling might be the answer. Here are a few reasons to consider trading in your hometown for a new experience in a different town.

You Use Your Holiday Travel Budget To Add A New Stamp To Your Passport

In 2017, the average flight price to travel for Christmas $910 round-trip. Imagine taking that airfare and jetting off to a warm-weather destination that will leave you feeling relaxed versus leaving you fatigued from holiday burnout, which is a real thing.

Hotels Are Cheaper

You’d think that hotels would bump up their prices to get the holiday traveler coin that airlines do, but hotels discount their rates around mid-November. That makes the middle of the month the best time to make hotel reservations for the holidays. Now, keep in mind the discounts can vary from place to place as European hotels drop their rates from 5 to 15 percent, but Caribbean hotel prices stay the same year around averaging $243 a night. Properties in the Middle East and Africa also tend to drop in November.

You Get To Skip The Drama And Start Your Own Traditions

Holidays can be a very special time of the year for some families and a less than desirable time for those with difficult family relationships. Not going home doesn’t mean you love your family any less —just look at it as your version of self-care. Traditions can be hard to leave behind, but here’s a suggestion — make your own. Plan an annual solo trip or invite your favorite cousin(s) or sibling(s) along and make it your new way of celebrating the holidays. 

You’ll Gain Perspective (And Maybe Some Peace)

The end of the year should be a time of reflection and a chance to think about the goals you’re planning to set for the new year. Changing your scenery and taking time out of your daily (or yearly) routine can give you clarity and bring peace to your life.