Rachel True, known for her role in the 90s cult classic The Craft, had a very interesting experience on a recent flight to Buffalo, NY. According to the actress, she was sitting in the window seat with another passenger, who she nicknamed “Karen,” sitting in the middle seat next to her. Much to Rachel’s surprise, the aisle seat in their row was not occupied but so she asked “Karen” if she could move into the seat so they could have more room. Unfortunately, “Karen” did not oblige.

In a series of photos, Rachel documented the events on Twitter.

“Never been on a flight where the middle seat stranger refuses to move to the empty aisle seat,” tweeted the actress. “Meet Karen. Karen called steward & said I was “harassing’ her… for asking her to slide over…Into the empty seat… that would separate her from me. #GetOut my lap Karen.”

Rachel also questions why “Karen” would want to stay in the middle seat and not sit in the empty seat that would separate them.

In a video, Rachel True further explained that she asked “Karen” to move twice and “Karen” initially moved, however on the third ask, she became annoyed and called the flight attendant. She then addresses the issue with “Karen” calling the authority on black people, especially in today’s climate.

Twitter is divided by supporters of Rachel and those who think the actress was completely in the wrong for continuously requesting that “Karen” move.


What are your thoughts? Should “Karen” have moved out of her assigned seat or should Rachel True have left her alone?