Road trips have become a popular form of leisure this year and have put many anxious travelers at ease from the thought of not being able to travel.

Those living on the West Coast are able to take a quick road trip to the beach or sunny California as we ease into fall, but for those of us on the East Coast and in other parts of the U.S., a road trip along the West Coast is always a good idea. 

Here are 5 West Coast road trips to take this fall. 

This one is for the wine connoisseurs! Napa and Sonoma are both excellent wine regions in California and ideal for a West Coast road trip experience. 

Start off in Napa Valley and then head further west to Sonoma where you can enjoy wineries and mom-and-pop shops. 

If you live in Los Angeles or are planning to visit, escaping to Palm Springs for a few days is a dream. This trip is less than two hours and is perfect for those who crave art and design. 

From Palm Springs, you can also take a 45-minute drive to Joshua Tree for a peaceful escape. 

Start off in San Francisco and embark on a road trip along the curvy coastline, enjoying views of the ocean along the way. Enjoy good food, beautiful beaches, and chill vibes when in LA!

Columbia River Highway is a 75-mile-long highway that links Troutdale, Oregon with The Dalles. 

While driving, you’ll be amazed by the views of waterfalls and lush nature. Head to Multnomah Falls for a breathtaking experience. 

Looping around Olympic Peninsula in Washington, this highway is about 330 miles and will lead you directly to a rainforest.

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