In the world of flawless Instagram posts and Fenty Beauty, we are having fun trying new looks and showing off our best selves. But, is wearing makeup the best choice for your skin when it’s time for takeoff? The short answer is no. Most dermatologists recommend you fly with a fresh, well-moisturized face for a few reasons.


JC Gellidon|


Since the air inside the airplane cabin lacks the average amount of humidity to keep the skin from losing moisture (planes have only about 20% humidity), the skin tends to be dryer. Dryer skin leads it to overproduce oil, and when that oil mixes with heavy foundations, along with the dirt and environmental debris makeup holds on to — you’re creating the perfect environment for a post-flight breakout.


Many of us like to smooth out our imperfections with foundations and concealers, but if you aren’t comfortable rolling through the airport sans makeup, try a non-comedogenic tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.  It will give you coverage without the heaviness of regular foundation.


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If you’re up for taking your next flight bare-faced, be sure to prep your skin before boarding with hyaluronic acid and sun protection.


The most important thing to remember to keep your skin and yourself healthy during your travels is to hydrate from the inside out by drinking lots of water and eating well. If you’re prone to post-flight breakouts, washing your face the moment you arrive at your hotel or Airbnb could be a good remedy.


Since packing, TSA, and taking on a new city can cause us stress and take us out of our daily routine, don’t forget to stick to your skincare regime. Jet-lag, long nights out on the town, and just general exhaustion might tempt you to fall asleep without washing off the day, but your skin will thank you if you do.