On May 22, 29-year old Anifa Mvuemba, creator of Hanifa Official, stunned the world with an innovative twist on the standard runway show. The Congolese designer took the traditional fashion show and turned it into a 3D virtual show that now has the entire world talking.

From an aspiring designer who mostly posted on Instagram to now creating looks for some of our favorite Black celebs, Mvuemba is said to be the designer of the future. While the show was unlike anything we have seen to date, it’s the way she pays homage to her native homeland that speaks volumes.

Her new line, The Pink Congo Collection, is said to be a history lesson for those who are unfamiliar with the Democratic Republic of Congo. She also sheds light on the harsh reality of the mining industry in the African nation.


“I really wanted to shed light on the conditions. And I wanted this collection to support and benefit the families that are affected. …we’re also part of the problem but we don’t know it.”

Sadly while much of the world’s mining source comes from Congo and is later sold on black markets, there is a history of young children dying while working in mines as well as women being raped by rebels. Mvuemba is using her platforms to educate the world on what is going on in her home country.

Additionally, pieces featured in the collection are said to represent parts of the Congo. In an Instagram post, the brand explained how the Mài maxi dress was inspired by the Congo River while embodying the gentle confidence of the Congolese woman.

Mvuemba carefully chose color palettes to represent the beautiful landscape of the country and even partnered with a local charity to give back a percentage of proceeds from pieces in the collection.


To learn more about Hanifa Official or to learn more about the brand’s mission, you can check out the Instagram page: @hanifaofficial.

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