Richard Branson has mastered creating cruise lines that everyone wants to experience. His latest moves were adding a tattoo parlor and then the announcement of an adult only ship. This newest development, however, may have passengers a little on the hesitant side. Especially if you love a buffet.


Virgin Voyages is getting rid of a cruise ship classic: the all-you-can-eat buffet. The buffet will be replaced with a food hall-type option. Everything will be made to order, a strategy that will help reduce the waste of food.  Say goodbye to the main dining room, found on a majority of cruise ships, and say hello to a bar that will go into every eatery.


Holding close to 3,000 passengers, the adult only ship will host restaurants for all taste buds like an upscale Mexican spot, Korean barbecue, something for “veggie only lovers,” The Pizza Place and a traditional steakhouse. If you’re willing to take a risk, you can head to a restaurant called The Test Kitchen, where diners will only see a list of ingredients on the menu.


Although the ship hopes to have career-holding adults on it, the brand is not trying to dig into your pockets with extra food fees. “On a Virgin Voyage, it doesn’t make sense to be nickel and dimed or pay more for better food,” Chief Commercial Officer Nirmal Saverimuttu said. Virgin isn’t going to charge extra fees for their nontraditional food options.


The new cruise ship is making its debut sailing through the Caribbean from Miami and is said to be an experience for the books. Passengers, who are called ‘sailors,’ will be won over with ocean view rooms with balconies and met creative drawings of mermaids on the side of the ships. Since making the announcement back in 2015, details surrounding the cruise line have been released little by little, building lots of suspicion for passengers, which is the way Chief Commercial Officer Nirmal Saverimuttu likes it.


“The brand acts as a huge filter for us,” Saverimuttu said. “It gets you to the door. Our job is to satisfy you and keep you happy.”