A husband allegedly ran over his wife on the second level of a Utah airport parking garage after returning from vacation. Despite life-saving efforts she died in hospital.

Shawn Sturgeon, is said to have ‘accidentally’ run over his wife while driving a SUV in the short-term parking complex in Salt Lake City International Airport. On Monday, police were called to the airport at 2:39pm where they found his wife Charlotte Sturgeon with critical injuries.

After analysis and review of the surveillance footage, Salt Lake City Police Department said Shawn Sturgeon placed his child in the rear passenger seat before fatally running over his wife. Footage shows that moments later, he got behind the wheel, drove forward, hit his wife and went a further 10 feet before stopping the vehicle, according to reports.

He has been charged with one count of Automobile Homicide – Criminal Negligence DUI of Alcohol/Drugs according to Salt Lake City Police Department.

“Shortly after the crash, [Shawn] Sturgeon drove the vehicle, with his wife critically injured inside, to the airport payment booths where he asked for help,” read a released statement from the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Charlotte Sturgeon was later transferred to the hospital by ambulance where, despite efforts, she tragically died.

The statement also revealed that “Because [Shawn] Sturgeon drove from the garage to the parking payment booths, SLCPD established two crime scenes to document and collect evidence.”

“There were no impacts to airport operations or air travel associated with this incident or the investigation” the statement continued.

A police report notes that Shawn appeared to be drunk and that his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and the smell of alcohol was evident in his car, states ABC4. While in custody, Sturgeon could allegedly be heard uttering various phrases saying that he, “ran my wife over,” “killed my wife” and “I accidentally ran her over.”

The incident is still being investigated at this time.