Another week, another airplane brawl. This time on a United Airlines flight. The plane going from San Francisco to Las Vegas last Friday, had to turn around and go back to its gate at San Francisco International Airport, after two men started fighting over the row’s arm rest just after pulling back.

Neither of the unidentified men on the United Airlines flight were injured or decided to press charges once they landed, but they were met and detained by authorities. Several of the flight’s other passengers were highly upset, too.

“On my first flight in 15 months, of course we were rerouted back to the gate because two passengers got into a physical altercation over elbow placement upon arm rests,” Google product director Jack Krawczyk said on Twitter.

Krawczyk’s post has since gone viral, and several commenters added their opinion about the state of flying in a post-COVID world.

“Ppl have lost their damn minds over the past 15 months,” Krawczyk said in his own comments.

“I’m serious — this is truly shaping up to be the summer of the airport brawl,” Twitter user @caro replied.

It then led some to even ask what is the proper protocol for airplane armrests.

Aisle gets the outside arm rest and some leg and body room. Middle gets two arm rests and window gets the armrest and window/wall to lean on,” @buckshow8 wrote.

As we previously reported, just last week, a Delta Air Lines employee had to be restrained by fellow passengers after attempting to open the cabin door mid-flight. While the airline confirmed such a thing is impossible, it was still a very scary moment for everyone on-board. The man was said to have gotten in a serious fight just before yelling out that people needed to get close to their oxygen masks.

The FAA continues to see an increase in airplane incidents, and have warned that this will likely be the norm as travel continues to pick back up.