With rental cars and the purchase of vehicles skyrocketing due to the effects of the pandemic, Uber has announced a new functionality, Uber Rent. Within the Uber app, you can rent a car from a reputable rental car company such as Hertz, Avis, and more.

Starting this month, Washington D.C will be the first city to experience Uber Rent’s valet service.  The app will allow you to pick the vehicle of your choice, ranging from economy to premium and from compact to SUV vehicles, to accommodate the best car for your future adventure. Uber is also including add-on options like car seats, bike racks, insurance, and more.


The service allows vehicles to be booked ahead of time, up to a month in advance, while also allowing customers to cancel their vehicle reservations within 24 hours of delivery.

The best part about this service? The car will be delivered directly to your preferred location and can be returned to the valet at a scheduled time and location that is customized by the customer.  Rental deliveries have the option to also be contactless. Uber will create authentication codes to ensure you can access the vehicle.

As we know, Uber prices surge during high-traffic times and when rides are limited. However, the rental companies partnering with Uber will set the prices, ensuring each customer is receiving the market rate. As a promotion for this new product, Uber will offer a 10% rebate on all bookings made which will appear in your Uber Cash account.

Uber is hoping this new program will replace the need to head to a local airport to rent a car.