Rideshare app, Uber, has launched its Uber One membership program that will elevate users’ entire experience on the platform.

Instead of focusing solely on transportation or food services, the brand is packaging the app’s features together to give their consumers more possibilities. For $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, the membership experience will grant users a no-cost delivery fee, priority rideshares, and premium customer support.

The app has become widely known for making everything more accessible, and their services will become easier to navigate and more affordable with Uber One’s help. As a bonus offer for early-birds, users who apply for the membership between November 17th to November 29th will get half off the annual fee ($49.99). The entire idea behind the new program is to unite the app’s functions to build a strong community.

Customers will also receive $5 in Uber cash if a food order is too late or far off from the app’s initial order time estimation. The brand is just testing out its potential but is looking to expand the app’s services and additional bonus offers very soon. From culinary classes to musical concerts, Uber One will begin inviting its users to experience in-person activities that will curate the ultimate experience.

With the membership, users will be able to take advantage of a 5% discount on all services provided in-app. The no-cost delivery fee is only applicable on meal orders more than $15 or store deliveries more than $30. The Uber One community will become more exclusive and attractive as they add more premium opportunities for it’s paid users.

You can apply for membership here to try it out for free for one month, or navigate in-app to your account in the upper right corner to explore these possibilities.

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