It was supposed to be just another day for Ronald Mouton Sr, a pastor at East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church. However, it ended in tragedy after an argument with an Uber driver, Deshawn Longmire, 23 on June 24. As Meaww reported, Mouton was shot and killed by Longmire at a stop light in Houston, Texas, according to witnesses. However, he wasn’t arrested until July 30th.

Longmire was arrested by police and charged with murder. According to Meaww, online records from the Harris County District Clerk’s Office show that the Uber driver is being held in Harris County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

At the moment of the incident, Longmire was driving for Uber in his black Honda sedan with a peeled window tint. The pastor was driving a white BMW. Uber, in a statement, said that Longmire was not carrying any passengers at the time of the incident.

Witnesses said that Longmire “stretched his arm out of the driver window with a pistol in his hand” and allegedly shot Ronald, and then escaped. After being shot, Ronald Mouton crashed his car and was pronounced dead at the local of the crime, witnesses told the police in an official statement.

The Uber driver denied he was at the scene where the crime occurred, the police said. However, a mobile search gave the life to those claims. Also, Uber records show that Longmire was in the area when the pastor was murdered, according to a report obtained by KHOU-TV.

Pastor Ronald Mouton

The Uber driver has not yet entered a plea or hired an attorney authorized to speak on his behalf, Meaww said.

Ronald Mouton’s family stated after the Uber driver’s arrest: “We are still grief-stricken over this senseless tragedy.” The family added that they want the Uber driver to understand the seriousness of his crime. “He took the life of a husband, a father. Our confidence and hope is in the proficient work the of police. We also hope the work of the entire criminal justice system is done thoroughly and that justice is duly served.”

Ronald Keith Mouton Sr has been the pastor of the East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, located in Houston, Texas for 30 years. He was married to Suzanne Poullar. He was a father of four children, and ten grandchildren.