Uber is in hot water after being called out for segregating bathrooms between drivers and “employees”. 

An Uber driver visited an Uber Greenlight Hub office in Providence, Rhode Island and was disturbed after seeing there were two designated bathrooms. The driver then tweeted a photo showing there was a bathroom for “partners” (Uber drivers) and one for “employees” (Greenlight Hub workers). According to Vice, Greenlight Hub offices are used by Uber to sign up new drivers and for drivers to get support in person. 

The driver, Erika Betts, tells Motherboard: “I feel the bathroom division is obscure and uncalled for. I feel the company’s driver support system is laughable at best…The Greenlight Hub is the best option drivers have, despite the limited authority provided by the hub representatives.”

An Uber spokesperson responded with a statement to Motherboard saying, “This was a mistake and regret it. We are removing the signs and have made it clear that this was not appropriate.”