“Brazil is open for you!” is the message from Brazilian tourism leaders after announcing that U.S. citizens will no longer have to apply for a tourist-visa.

Starting June 17, U.S. citizens, along with citizens of Canada, Australia, and Japan will be able to stay in Brazil for 90 days, according to a statement on the Visit Brazil website.

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The change means that visitors can extend their vacations for an additional 90 days from their date of entry as long as the duration of travel does not exceed 180 days in a calendar year.

“These developments come as part of a series of measures that Brazil has taken to facilitate visitor access to the country,” a statement reads.

Until then, travelers will still need permission to gain entry into the country via its electronic system.  The cost of an e-visa is $40, plus a $4.24 service charge.

The changeover to the e-visa last year replaced a process that many visitors found slow and expensive at $160, as reported in the LA Times.

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Brazil Tourism said the number of visas issued had increased by 35 % in less than a year since implementing its e-visa program.

“This is one of the most important achievements of the Brazilian tourism industry in the last 15 years and we are confident that it will be extremely beneficial to the country,” said Marcelo Alvaro Antônio, Minister of Tourism. “This decision of the Brazilian government proves that we are living a new moment and that tourism is being seen as a vector of economic and social growth of the entire nation. This is the first step; we still have much to celebrate.”

The new measure is expected to boost tourism by 25 percent, according to Brazilian Tourism officials.