When you’re on vacation, you’re supposed to meet interesting people, maybe take a few pictures and move on. But when you build real friendships, moving on is hard to do.


Brianna Cry was on a family cruise in Honolulu when she met a little girl named Heidi in 2006. The Jackson, Mississippi native was only seven at the time, but their connection was strong. Fast forward twelve years. Over the holiday, Cry found some scrapbooks at her grandmother’s house, so she decided to go through them. She came across an old picture of her long-lost friend and immediately wanted to reconnect. She had no idea she was going to find her, however. Twitter came to her rescue. “I was like wow let’s see if Twitter can find her for me,” Cry told TN.  “And they did!”


These days, Twitter seems to solve more cases than the FBI. The 19-year-old was shocked when she saw her friend, all grown up, respond in less than 12 hours. Heidi was even holding a picture of her on vacation proving she was the right girl. “She was actually very excited! We messaged each other on twitter and then eventually she called me,” Cry said. “We screamed on the phone for about 10 seconds.”


The two have been playing catch-up ever since. Cry, a student at Hampton University, learned that Heidi is doing well and is also attending college on the other side of the country. Her story, of course, went viral, prompting all types of emotions from followers around the country. While some followers shared their own stories of reconnection, some scam artists also wanted in on the attention. A GoFundMe page was set up in hopes of “reconnecting them,” but Heidi warned Twitter users that it is fake.


The two cruise buddies are in friendship bliss, but Twitter and phone calls are not going to be the end for these two. “We really hope to meet in the future, but we don’t have any plans yet,” Cry stated.