One of the main security checkpoints at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport is back open after it was temporarily closed because an employee tested positive for the coronavirus.

The security checkpoint was closed immediately after airport officials were informed of the positive test. That shutdown caused all TSA checks to go through the north terminal checkpoints, which delayed travelers by more than an hour.

TSA regional spokesperson Mark Howell told CBS 46 that the checkpoint was closed for at least 12 hours for deep cleaning.

TSA officials also confirmed that this is the 30th TSA agent at the airport to test positive for the virus.

An investigation is currently underway as TSA works to learn which employees came in contact with the positive employee to determine who else will need to quarantine.

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Back in April, TSA reported that 459 federal employees have tested positive for coronavirus. Of those, 110 have recovered and four have died.

According to data from the Transportation Security Administration, New York and New Jersey airports have reportedly had the highest number of employees in the country who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

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