Dr. Bezaleel Mambwe has been on a five-year mission to develop initiatives that help demystify and promote Africa to the masses. As director and lead developer for Dopefrica Ltd., he conceptualized, designed, and created the Trivia Africa app to help people learn more about the African continent and its people.

“The app provides a glimpse into the rich history and way of life of over 1 billion people,” said Dr. Mambwe. “It is also important for Africans alike to learn about Africa. As the second-largest continent with numerous diverse cultures, it’s a good thing to learn about one another. After all, knowledge is power!” 

Photo courtesy of Trivia Africa

Originally from Zambia and currently based in the United Kingdom, Dr. Mambwe’s background lies in biological research. He initially got into app development as a hobby, which he decided to channel into celebrating Africa and Africans through Dopefrica.

“The idea for Trivia Africa came about when I was playing one of the quiz mobile apps and noticed that there were rarely (if any) questions relating to Africa. Since I had been writing code for about three years, I decided to create a quiz app exclusively for African content with these three benefits in mind: 1) Learning more about Africa; 2) Testing what you already know about Africa; and 3) Having fun in the process.”

In order to accomplish this, Dr. Mambwe added numerous features, including over 400 multiple choice questions in seven categories, a flag identification quiz, true or false questions, various challenge modes, and a global leaderboard that allows you to compare how you are doing with others around the world. The app has also recently added the FUNDA mode, which provides an opportunity to learn more about a specific question.

Photo courtesy of Trivia Africa

Upon utilizing the fun and informative app, users will find the knowledge they’re acquiring is deep and diverse. Dr. Mambwe says this is by design. With the main goal of Trivia Africa being to educate, he decided to include lesser-known content along with more well-known information.

“It was important to me to include every aspect of the African continent and not just the ‘popularly’ known trivia, such as animals or safari-related questions. For instance, there are questions about the currencies of all the African countries and also about the world’s shortest war.” 

Trivia Africa is constantly being updated and improved, with more questions and new categories being added. Keep an eye out for updates, as exciting new features are on the way. You can download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play. For more information, visit www.dopefrica.com and follow @triviaafrica.

Photo courtesy of Trivia Africa

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