TripAdvisor is apologizing for repeatedly deleting a hotel review written by a woman who said she was sexually assaulted at a resort in Mexico.

One day after The Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee published an investigative piece about TripAdvisor’s review censoring policy, the travel website company has issued a statement to apologize to one of the women featured in the article, and has pledged to be more transparent about reviews and properties that could pose a safety hazard for potential travelers.

The review, which was posted seven years ago after a woman says she was raped by a security guard at the Iberostar resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, in 2010, was deleted at the time because it violated a TripAdvisor rule that reviews must be “family friendly” and G-rated. In the piece by The Journal Sentinel, other TripAdvisor users tell similar stories of having their reviews removed because they violated the G-rated policy or because the website claimed the accounts were second-hand information.

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In a statement from TripAdvisor, the company pledged to use this experience to help better serve their users:

“In order to better inform consumers and provide them with even more information about their travels, TripAdvisor is creating a “badge” notification to apply to businesses to alert consumers of health and safety or discrimination issues at that business reported on within the media or other credible sources of information.”

The rollout for the “badge” notification feature has yet to be announced.