It seems pretty clear that the voter ID laws in the United States are created to discriminate against certain classes and races. Republican governors and lawmakers have been making the restrictions to vote even harder in dozens of states.


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Voters in North Dakota, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, and New Hampshire, among other states, are facing restrictive voter ID laws and purges of voter names from the rolls. These restrictions often benefit Republicans, studies have found, because minorities, young voters, and others who might struggle to meet these stringent voter requirements often vote Democratic.


Things are really heating up in Georgia as allegations of voter suppression against black voters has reached new levels. The current opponent to gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams, Brian Kemp, is also the Secretary of State in Georgia and in charge of state elections.


President Trump has also been weighing in heavily on the outcomes of the ongoing midterm elections and has constantly voiced his opinion over the alleged voter fraud issues on Twitter.

During a segment of Between The Scenes, Trevor Noah joked about the GOP’s indirect racism through voter ID laws.


“Whenever I see all the stuff about voter registration and voter ID laws in America that’s one of the few moments that I miss South Africa’s racism,” Noah joked. “What I like about South Africa’s racism is that it was just straight up. They’re just like, ‘No Blacks.” He continued, “Unlike in America where they make you work for your racism.”



Noah offered up his own advice on how to combat the issue. “If Black people all came out and said, ‘We’re going to vote Republican,’ you would be surprised how quickly you realize Black people’s decisions affect the general Republican ideology.”



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“The NRA is a great example,” Noah said. “If you look at guns in America, people were always like guns are free [citing] the Second Amendment. Then the Black Panthers came along, and they were like, ‘This country is dangerous for Black people.’ So they said, ‘All our brothers and sisters you go out there, and you get guns. You get as many guns as you can, and you prepare for a war.”


Noah explain that is when White people decided to restrict gun ownership. Noah further explained that if black people voted Republican, the suppression and laws would change or stop, the same way they did with guns.