Any parent worth their salt will make sacrifices for their children. A privileged few afford their offspring the chance to travel. As time elapses, your childhood travels may be harder to recall. So, why not make new travel memories with your parents as an adult? You’ll enjoy the experience, and it’ll bring you closer together.

Here are some benefits and other things to keep in mind when traveling with older parents.

You Can Discuss Cultural Sites In Greater Depth

The education travel provides is beneficial to all.

As a child, you probably didn’t realize this. You were too busy frolicking at that resort in St.Lucia, or enjoying gelato in Italy, while your parents footed the bill.

You can have some deep conversations about slavery, while visiting Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, or Gorée Island in Senegal. Or, on a lighter note, you can debate which Bond film was the best, while on James Bond Beach in Jamaica. Now that you’re an adult, you and your parents can really immerse yourselves in the thrill of traveling to a new place, and discuss what you see.

It Forces You To Slow Down A Bit

This isn’t to suggest that your parents can’t enjoy some wild nights out. But there’s a good chance they might not want to do that as often as they did in their youth.

Traveling with your parents forces you to expand your definition of “fun.” You don’t have to swing from the chandeliers, or drink yourself into oblivion. Having dinner at a nice restaurant, or checking out live music at a local venue, offers a more relaxed vibe. Alternatively, you might want to bond over a glass of wine in your private villa, without the pressure of being out in public.

You and your parents might enjoy visiting a museum. Generally, this is a low to moderate energy activity. The Louvre, for example, not only offers fantastic art, you can take breaks as needed.

It’s A Chance To Work On Your Patience

Let’s face it, even if your parents aren’t experiencing “the second childhood,” they’ll test your patience. Just like you did when you were a child. And since you’re away from home, you’ll have to get creative in how you deal with that. Listen to their complaints, articulate yours, and try to compromise.

If Something Happens, You’ll Be There

As a child, you saw your parents as superhuman, until you realized they weren’t. It might be harder for them to recover from falls and other accidents these days, and that’s why your presence is so crucial. You can also remind them to take care of themselves, and set aside time in the itinerary for mandatory rest.

For parents who require extra care, a traveling aide could be an asset. Finally, as an added layer of security, consider purchasing traveler’s insurance. You never know what could happen.