Fly With Queenie is a boss, wife, and mother that we stan. When she’s not blogging or creating a new episode on her podcast Travel Chat Repeat, she’s exploring the world with her husband and son.  After meeting in Manhattan back in 2010 at a place called Pop Burger, the couple has been inseparable ever since.

10 years, one beautiful child, and eight countries later,  Queenie told Travel Noire in an interview how traveling has helped to promote teamwork in their relationship:  

Travel Noire: Why did you all start traveling together?

QUEENIE: We started traveling because getting out of reality, even just for a few days for us as adults with responsibilities, was a great way to reconnect with each other while also recharging and creating memories.

Instagram | @flywithqueenie

Travel Noire: What is something you learned during your travels that you’re hoping to pass down to our readers?

QUEENIE: Do not listen to others and their experiences and prejudge a place. Go for yourself, see for yourself, and create your own experience.

What’s mediocre for others may be a life-changing experience for someone else. Don’t allow somebody else to write your book.

Travel Noire: What’s the best part of traveling together as a family? 

QUEENIE: The best part is when my son gets to experience things with mommy and daddy for the first time. We can help to shape the young him into being somebody humbled and caring for other people and cultures.

Creating memories alone through solo travel is so important but so is creating lifelong memories with loved ones too – especially kids.

Instagram | @flywithqueenie

Travel Noire: Why do you think it’s important for couples to travel?

QUEENIE: I think it’s important for couples to travel together to reconnect. Traveling also promotes teamwork because you have to come together to figure how to how to navigate a country, how to plan the trip, and compromise.

Travel Noire: Anything else you would like to tell us that I didn’t ask that you feel is important?

QUEENIE: If you have a partner that’s not interested in traveling try to start off slowly. Maybe do a road trip to the next state over and explore together for the weekend… it may spark his/her curiosity and have them craving more adventures.