Although many states have initiated stay at home orders, several have not, and there are many reasons people may find themselves needing to travel during these uncertain times. If you’re traveling considering traveling from state-to-state, below are the states that are requiring you to self-quarantine.


Travelers arriving at state airports are required to fill out State of Alaska Travel Declaration Form and identify their “designated quarantine location.”

The state’s order requires travelers to go straight to their quarantine location from the airport and remain there for 14 days, or for the duration of their stay if it’s shorter. 


Delaware officials are requiring out-of-state travelers to self-quarantine for 14 days. This does not apply to travelers passing through the state.


Florida’s executive order requires people arriving on flights from the New York tri-state area, including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut to quarantine for 14 days or for the length of their visit if that time is shorter.

Like many other states, the mandates make an exception for airline employees, military, health, and emergency personnel.

In addition,  Gov. Rick DeSantis has issued a separate order directing people driving in from Louisiana to self-quarantine, too. Highway checkpoints have been set up. 


As Travel Noire previously reported Hawaii Gov.  David Y. Ige has mandated that both visitors and residents arriving in the state to self-quarantine for 14 days.


The executive order from Gov.  Andy Beshear is directing residents not to travel to other states, with exceptions for work and receiving medical attention care for a minor, an elderly or disabled person or when required by court order.

Residents returning from another state must self-quarantine for 14 days. 


All travelers to Massachusetts are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days, and visitors are urged not to travel to Massachusetts if they have coronavirus symptoms.

Designated essential workers, however, are exempt.


Gov. Steve Sisolak issued a travel advisory urging all Nevada residents and visitors to self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving or returning.

Essential employees, including, health care, public health, public safety, transportation, and food supply employees, are exempt.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s executive order requires people who enter the state from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or New Orleans to self-quarantine for 14 days.


Gov. Greg Abbott ordered travelers arriving from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut,  California, Louisiana, Washington state, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Miami to self-quarantine.