Follow these tips to keep your natural hair fly during your trip!

When it comes to traveling, hair is just as important as prepping and packing for a trip.  Really, who wants to frolic on the beach in a cute bathing suit, but have jacked up hair?!  Even though natural hair on vacation can be a bit more freeing than relaxed hair at times, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of travel challenges.  Whether you’re rocking a frohawk or a head full of curls, follow these tips to keep your natural hair fly during your globe-trotting adventures.

Be Prepared

Different climates can do different things to your hair.  Since you wouldn’t want to travel to some great destination and not have any cute pics of yourself to prove it, make sure you stock up on products to counter humidity, dry air, hard shower water and any other elements that can ruin your vacation locks.  Be sure to buy travel-sized containers at your local beauty supply store so that you can bring along your must-have products in case they aren’t sold where you’re going.

Protect Your Hair

It would be a disaster for you to spend hours creating a cute style, only to have it smashed to smithereens against the plane window while you sleep.  Instead, try wearing a protective style like twists or braids while on the plane, then take it down and style before you land.  This way, your hair will look as refreshed as you do.  Also, be sure to pack a satin bonnet or scarf to sleep in at the hotel, wouldn’t want those cotton pillows ruining your hair.

Stick With Your Tried & True Style

As tempting as it may be, going on vacation is not the time to try out that new hairstyle you saw on your favorite blog.  Just like with relaxed hair, it can take a few days to get a new style laying just the way you want it. Besides, who has time to fuss with hair when in paradise!  Instead, stick with what you know works for you so you can spend less time in the mirror and more time having fun.

Have A Back Up Plan

Let’s face it, sometimes in the battle between Mother Nature, hair products and your hair…your hair loses. Just because your hair won’t cooperate the way you want it doesn’t mean your vacation has to be ruined.  Stock your suitcase with back up accessories that can turn your hair don’t into a hair do.  Make sure you have a few headbands, fancy headscarves, hair ties and a cute hat or two for hair emergencies.

Let Go

When all else fails remember this:  You’re on vacation….not the red carpet!  If your hair won’t lay a certain way…so what!  If frizz is making your hair look more messy than sleek…so what!  Let go of the hair perfection and embrace the moment!  Stop worrying about your hair and focus on having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Featured photograph is from The Coiffure Project