Travel Noire has always been devoted to showcasing black travelers that inspire others to see more of the world. Neema (@adventuresofanafricandutchesstells Travel Noire how small gestures have gone a long way during her travel journey. 


Travel Noire: Where are you originally from?


Neema: Originally from Kenya and I live in San Francisco.


Travel Noire: When did traveling become more than a hobby for you? 


Neema: When I visited Italy 7 years ago for study abroad.



Travel Noire: What are your favorite domestic destinations to visit? 


Neema: New York. I love the city, the life, the cosmo of it, fashion and good cocktails.


Travel Noire: What are your favorite destinations to travel abroad? 


Neema: I love Cape Town. It has everything that I love: beauty, beaches, wine, food and people. I also love Italy as a country. I visit it twice every year. And I fell in love with Melbourne for its cool vibes. Porto, Portugal gave so many feels with how beautiful it was and it’s people. Omis, Croatia reminded of how life is simple and beautiful.



Travel Noire: What are your top three travel secrets that black travelers should know?


Neema: Always say hi to people. It has helped me make more friends than I can imagine. Where colorful clothes, they look amazing in pictures and finally, don’t be afraid to travel alone. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself.


Travel Noire: How did traveling change your perspective on life? 


Neema: Traveling has given me perspective on how I see life. I am more grateful to God for his love, protection and opportunities. It has given me endless friendships but also taught me independence.



Travel Noire: What has been your most inspiring travel moment?


Neema: When I took a day trip from Zagreb to Ljubljana, I was in awe of how beautiful the city and people were. I had no idea that such a place would change my perspective of Central Europe.


Travel Noire: What’s one item that you always have in your carry-on? 


Neema: Two sets of change of clothes in case of anything.



Travel Noire: Where are you off to next? 


Neema: London, Paris, Bruges, Melbourne, Safari in Kenya and Tanzania, Zanzibar, Milan, Florence, Buenos Aires, Uruguay and Morocco.