Travel Noire has always been devoted to showcasing black travelers that inspire others to see more of the world. Self-taught photographer Karston Tannis (@skinnywashere) shares how travel has forced him to get out of his comfort zone. 

Travel Noire: Where are you from and where do you currently live?

Karston: I’m from Brooklyn, New York. Currently residing in Brooklyn.

Travel Noire: When did traveling become more than a hobby for you? 

Karston: I’ve been traveling since the age of 19. Roadtrips with bmx and skateboard friends fueled my lust for adventure.


Travel Noire: What are your favorite domestic destinations and why?

Karston: I love escaping to California and the Pacific North West. Cali is relaxing with nice weather. Washington and Oregon have some of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever seen.

Travel Noire: What are your favorite destinations to travel abroad and why? 

Karston: My favorite destinations abroad are mainly Caribbean. St. Vincent and Barbados for friends and family. Barcelona, Italy, Paris, because they are each beautiful as well.

Travel Noire: What are your top three travel secrets that black travelers should know? 

Karston: Shhh, keep it on the low! SkyScanner for flights, Instagram for connecting with local creatives, Thrillist and The Infatuation for cool spots and activities.

Travel Noire: How did traveling change your perspective on life? 

Karston: Traveling teaches you to love harder, laugh louder, and live wholeheartedly.

Travel Noire: What has been your most inspiring travel moment? 

Karston: Traveling to Portugal solo, learning to drive stick shift within 20 minutes with 15% battery! Traveling solo forces you out of your comfort zone. It’s great!

Travel Noire: What’s one item that you aways have in your carry-on? 

Karston: You can always catch me with a laptop and camera.

Travel Noire: Where are you off to next? 

Karston: Let’s see…. Morocco, London, Egypt? Catch me abroad, how ’bout dat!