Located approximately 300 miles of Athens is the second-largest city in Greece: Thessaloniki. 

As a Greek port city on the  Thermaïkos Gulf,  Thessaloniki is a vibrant metropolitan city full of history, beauty, character, and charm.

The city boasts of archaeological sites that date back to the second and the third century, which means be prepared to take a step back in time during your visit.

The Ancient Forum, the Palace Complex of Galerius Maximianus, and The Triumphal Arch of Galerius should all be on your itinerary.

Even though Thessaloniki is mostly famous for its nightlife and sightseeing, there are few nice beaches to explore. Most locals go swimming to Halkidiki, as most beach resorts are about a one-hour drive away from Thessaloniki. 

Here’s how to book a flight to Thessaloniki, Greece for as low as $320 round-trip:

From New York

If you’re leaving from the New York City area, the best time to travel to is from Jan. 31 through Feb. 8.  Flights during this time are priced at $320 round-trip, according to Google Flights.

Because this flight option is through Scandinavian Airlines,  there’s a 15-hour layover in Stockholm. 

From Chicago

Those of you leaving the Chicago area will have the chance to escape the winter cold.  Scandinavian Airlines have flights to Thessaloniki, Greece for as low as $370 round-trip, according to Google Flights.

Use Jan. 31 through Feb. 8 as your travel dates.

Keep in mind when booking this flight, there’s a five-hour layover in Stockholm.

From Miami

Flights to Thessaloniki, Greece can be purchased in mid-January for just $419 round-trip, according to Skyscanner.

Just plug in Jan. 14 through Jan. 28 as your travel dates.

The only downside with this flight option is the number of layovers and transfers.  There are layovers in Lisbon, Paris, and Rome, according to Skyscanner.