Traveler Story: In Awe Of Itay’s Amalfi Coast

By Travel Noire


Washington D.C.-based realtor Taelor tells Travel Noire about her epic trip to Italy and shares the one thing about her trip that she would have done differently.

Travel Noire: Why did you decide to go to Florence? 

Taelor: We stayed in Florence because there’s a ton of history there. It was also a quick train ride to the other cities we wanted to visit, and from what we found, Florence has the most history of anywhere in Italy.

Travel Noire: How much was your plane ticket?

Taelor: My plane ticket was about $700 because we planned so close to the trip date.


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Travel Noire: Where were your favorite places to eat?

Taelor: Buca Mario in Florence and anywhere along the coast of Positano. You must try the Foccacia in Cinque Terre, as they are known for having the best Foccacia in all of Italy.

Travel Noire:What would you have done differently about your trip?

Taelor: I would have gone to Rome! We went to many places, but couldn’t squeeze Rome in there, so I would definitely plan better to add Rome.


Travel Noire: What was the highlight of your trip?

Taelor: Touring the Almafi Coast. It was the most beautiful place to tour via Viator and it’s unbelievably gorgeous. My mother thoroughly enjoyed that, as well. The coast, the water, Positano and Priano were all gorgeous and authentically cultural towns. Plus, the food is delicious.


Travel Noire: What surprised you the most about this destination?

Taelor: How much Italy has to offer. We went to Milan, Venice, Florence, Positano, Prianno, Cinque Terre and there were a ton of cities I never realized were in Italy. The best part was that they are all easily accessible through public transportation.


Travel Noire: Would you go back?

Taelor: Absolutely. Italy is full of adventure and new experiences. The people are great and friendly, there is a ton to do regarding night life and tours, and the food is immaculate. Italy has some of the best food I’ve ever tried. I tend to travel often to see what life is like in different parts of the world, and the most intriguing thing I’ve discovered is that, despite age, race, or nationality, 99% of people are all doing the same things: working, eating, playing, and simply enjoying life. It’s all very interesting to see it from a different geographical perspective.

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