Recently, Big Seven Travel released a list of the top 50 sexiest accents in the US. Let’s just say that the list had Black Twitter, and lots of others, in an uproar.

Clearly whoever took the poll didn’t ask enough people because some of the rankings were just inaccurate. They ranked Texas as the number 1 and Boston as number 2. Boston???

We decided to put our own list together. Here are accents around the globe that we think are sexy.

11. Miami

From Plies to Trick Daddy and Trina, Miami accents are diverse yet distinct, just like their population.

10. Texas

The Texas accent is very different from Atlanta or any of its neighboring southern states. The slowed down and unique drawl of celebrities like Beyonce and Paul Wall landed it on our Sexiest Accents List.

9. West Africa

With the growing popularity of Afrobeats over the last few years, the world has been exposed to more and more West African accents. Dialects from West Africa have their own unique rhythm, making them easy to pick out of a crowd.

8. Atlanta

There’s something about that Southern twang that can make you swoon. That down south vernacular is nothing to mess with. Rapper T.I. is the perfect example of the quintessential Atlanta accent and a huge reason it made the list.

7. French

The French accent is beautiful, especially from the mouth of Black people. Whether it’s France or French Canadian, it will certainly make the top 10 in our list.

6. Haiti

Haitian Creole has influences from Portuguese, Spanish, English, Taíno, and West African languages. It’s one of the most beautiful melting pot of dialects in the world.

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5. New York

Depending on your age, New York rappers made up a lot of your childhood crushes. And if you’re not from the east coast, a lot of that was likely due to the way they spoke. New Yorker’s loved referencing to women as “shorty,” not to be confused with the Southern word “shawty.” Add to that the hardcore New York swag with some fresh Timbs, and no matter the borough, you had your dream guy. (Okay not really, but you get what we’re saying)

4. Afro-Latinx

We hate to lump all of these together because the accents are very different and deserving of their own individual ranking but there are just so many to name, and there’s no way we could put one over the other. Afro-Latinx accents such as the accents from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico, etc. give a whole new meaning to love languages. There’s not a single word that doesn’t sound sexy in Spanish.

3. Caribbean

The sound of the islands coming out of someone’s mouth is always sexy. Especially when they get around their close friends and family and the accents are extra thick. These accents are very diverse and unique, yet so hard to rank individually because no accent is less beautiful than the other. So in this case, we’re listing Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, etc. as the A-Team of our accents list. We may not be able to catch every single thing that is being said, but what we do know is that we love it. Keep talking boo!

2. Idris Elba

We know, Idris Elba isn’t a language but that man deserves his own category. When he parts his lips to just say his name in his English accent, the fireworks go off! British accents are so fun and super sexy when coming from someone as fine as Idris. So, from now on, the Black British accent will be known as the Idris Elba.

1. New Orleans

Do we even need to go into the why? When you hear anyone from NOLA hit you with that “Beyyby” it’s a wrap. Male or female, it makes no difference. New Orleans accents are hands down the sexiest accents around. Don’t debate us.