Hey Travel Noire fam, we are always reading and listening to your comments and feedback. So much so, we couldn’t help but share some of the responses to one of our recent Instagram posts where we asked you all to weigh in on your most underwhelming travel experiences.

In true TN fashion, you all did not disappoint, and some of you had similar or even the same encounters. As a travel publication focused on being a resource to Black travelers across the Diaspora, we felt that by sharing these stories, it could help— or even save you from going through the things these travelers did.

We’ve all been there, honestly. We get so hyped up for what we think is going to be this much needed escape, only to get to our destination and realize…’this ain’t that.’

Whether we were ‘catfished’ by our hotel or Airbnb, or the weather for our entire trip is trash, and we are literally confined to our room. No matter how long you’ve been traveling or the number of countries you’ve visited, it happens to the best of us.

But we have each other’s backs.

With that being said, here is a compilation of stories from Travel Noire readers who weighed in on their ‘wackest’ travel encounters. If you didn’t weigh in on IG, feel free to share in the comment section below.

You can also find the entire thread here, where travelers also gave great tips on how to make your experience better.

1. The food is good in Vegas... but that's it

Courtesy of: Pixabay

TN reader @mzjaninenicole shared that she really didn’t understand the hype over Las Vegas.

“Good eats and shopping. It’s cool for a quick siesta, but I can’t understand the overall hype.”

2. The food in France is just...meh

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We’ve heard this one a few times, and several other people agreed with @theguidedwanderer when pointed out in the thread.

“I don’t understand how they’re well known for “fine cuisine” and their food has no taste.”

Numerous people suggested packing your own salt if you travel to France.

@sunnisideup replied with: “facts, I was looking for salt the whole time.”

Whew! Is it THAT bland?

3. The harassment was just too excessive in Cartagena

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Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re being forced to purchase from certain vendors or business owners while trying to enjoy your vacation.

@mizz_tiffi shared this sentiment about her experience in Cartagena, Colombia.

“Experience ruined by constant harassment to buy stuff.”

While many mentioned that Cartagena is a favorite, they also understood the frustration.

4. Honolulu didn’t do it for me ...

Lahaina, Hawaii
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Although he admitted he may just need to visit other islands, @tr3ywatts shared:

“I said it once and Imma say it again. Honolulu didn’t do it for me, maybe I need to visit other parts of Hawaii.”

He also pointed out that it was very expensive, to which others agreed.

A few travelers commented that Maui is the supreme island, and he should try it if he has a chance to go back.


5. The landscape is beautiful in Iceland...but that's about it

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@queeniegetsfit started the thread, but @soxysoks, who actually lived in Iceland for a year, went a little deeper.

“I lived there for almost a year. Iceland is for a short stay where u have an itinerary that you follow. The landscape is beautiful, but that’s about it. Food is nothing to talk about, and fine dining is way too expensive. They import everything except fish. Shopping is expensive and limited. Nightlife is lame, but I’m coming from Trinidad, so no comparison. The people stare a lot but must be because I stand out amongst them.”

6. Nassau, Bahamas was lacking the culture I needed

Photo by Tim Chapman/Liaison

Traveler @t.archerdesign said:

“The Bahamas was the most underwhelming trip I’ve taken. I didn’t have very high expectations, but I expected more culture.”

Those who replied pointed out some of their favorite excursions, including, swimming with the pigs and nurse sharks, eating conch, and going to sandbars.

Others shared that if you want true Bahamian culture, you have to go outside of Nassau proper.

7. Phuket was too touristy and overpriced

Diego Delso | Unsplash

While the country has tried to cut down on overtourism by closing certain beaches temporarily, @bykwest shared that it was too overhyped and pricey for her.

“I think the comparison to the Philippines made it much more of a let-down. I got the same scenery, way less crowded and still great value. I’ve also been to Cambodia + Singapore and felt like Phuket specifically was overhyped. I wish I’d done other areas of Thailand instead that were a little less touristy.”


8. Myrtle Beach was...DRY

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While she didn’t go into too many details, @crystal_michellem said Myrtle Beach just wasn’t it for her.

“It was terrible,” she replied to another commenter who agreed with her.

9. Singapore had too many rules

Photo by: Swapnil Bapat

If you know anything about Singapore, it’s one of the cleanest countries in the world— largely in part to lots of things being illegal.

@unapologeticallyjam pointed out that the government had too many rules for her.

To which @carminemal said:

“I loved Singapore, but I agree with this. I saw someone get in trouble for stepping off the curb in the crosswalk. Oh, and spitting is illegal too.”


10. Tulum was the ghetto...

We didn’t say it, but quite a few people on the post did.

“They couldn’t pay me a million dollars to go back to Tulum,” @zdaking wrote.

@mickywashere chimed in by saying: “yoooo this pandemic ruined Tulum, it was lovely and peaceful 5 years ago.”