Reading is a favorite past-time when you’re waiting on a flight or in the air, but books can be heavy and add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Next time you fly, take advantage of a little-known program offered by Paradies Lagardère, the company that operates 850 stores and 170 restaurants in more than 100 airports.

The Read and Return program gives customers a 50 percent refund when they return a book within six months of purchase with their original receipt. That means that you could purchase a book at the airport, read it during your layover or flight, and then return it to a Paradies Lagardère location when you get to your destination, successfully avoiding extra weight in your suitcase.

The store will then resell your return as “used” with 50 percent off the original price, giving customers another option for finding cheap airport reads.

A company spokesperson told LifeHacker that books returned in “worn condition” will still receive the 50 percent discount and be donated to local libraries “as part of the company’s commitment to encourage literacy in the community.”