Tenesia and Terence have been together for almost four years but if you follow their adventures online, you would think they have been together for decades.

Together they have traveled to 10 states and five countries, including the Bahamas, Canada, Aruba, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.

And while their trips look picture-perfect on Instagram, the couple shared with Travel Noire a time when things went wrong and how they handled it.

Travel Noire: What your favorite country so far and why?

Tenesia & Terence: Our favorite country has probably been Aruba. It’s absolutely gorgeous there and we both love how it’s not over-touristy. There’s definitely a touristy area but you can ride a couple of streets over and feel as if you live there.

Aruba also has some of the best snorkeling we’ve ever seen and a great mix of beach and adventure. We definitely want to go back!

TN: What is the best part about traveling together?

Tenesia & Terence: The best part about traveling together is getting to share these amazing experiences that we’ve always wanted to do and now making a reality. Like swimming with sharks in Hawaii and Exuma, finding hidden natural pools in Aruba, and jumping off of cliffs.

We are pretty adventurous and when we travel, we always find ourselves in these amazing locations that are off the beaten path. It’s really nice to be able to look back on that together. 

Tamarindo, Costa Rica Instagram| @tenesiaandterence

TN: Tell us about one of the most challenging times you’ve experienced during your travels and how you got through it.

Tenesia & Terence: I think the most challenging time we had was our trip to Exuma, Bahamas. Everything seemed to be going wrong. We had to pay a huge fee to bring our drone in the country (we were worried we wouldn’t get the deposit back), our luggage broke as soon as we left the airport, and we had to walk about a mile to get to the car rental company (balancing the luggage that was missing a wheel), the hot water at our Airbnb stopped working and the tour we had originally booked for the swimming pigs and sharks got canceled. 

It was a cluster lol. We talked about this on our Instagram stories when it was happening and I think one of the reasons it didn’t ruin our experience is because we didn’t let it. We pretty much just laughed at it all. We were really happy to be in such an amazing place and so it was hard to be in a bad mood! Luckily, we found out about our cancellation before the last day, so we were still able to go on a tour and it was seriously so incredible. We were actually happy that the other one got canceled. 

Instagram| @tenesiaandterence

TN: What countries are next for you all?

Tenesia & Terence: We don’t have any set travel plans. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but we aren’t the type of people to plan really far in advance for trips!

We kind of decide last minute and go from there. We were supposed to be taking a trip within the US recently but had to cancel because of Hurricane Dorian. We are hoping to make up for that and go on an international trip for our anniversary in November. A few places we hope to check off our bucket list in the upcoming future: South Africa, Bali, Greece, Italy, The Maldives, and Dubai. 

TN: What advice would you give to traveling couples?

Tenesia & Terence: Our best advice is to really explore when you’re traveling. Try new things and look for those new experiences that you can’t get back home. That counts for anywhere you go–whether it’s a different side of the world– or a few hours away.

Trying out activities that you wouldn’t necessarily be into but the other person enjoys is a good way to do this and will bring you closer as a couple. For example: in Aruba, we rented a UTV to explore the desert area. I’m not a huge UTV/ATV person and would’ve been fine just driving the rental car we already had but I knew that Terence would like it and we ended up having so much fun. I’m really glad we did it! 

Aruba Instagram| @tenesiaandterence

TN: Is there anything you would like us to know?

Tenesia & Terence: I think it also important to remember that other people’s experiences, are their experiences and you should really just leave it at that(unless it’s regarding safety). But you never know if you’ll like a place unless you go and see for yourself and make your own opinions and create your own memories!