If you are in the stages of planning your honeymoon, you may want to rethink the typical resort vacation. According to TripSavvy.com, the average U.S. couple spends $4,466 on their honeymoon, three times the average amount for a typical vacation. And today’s honeymooners are opting to spend that money on adventures instead of luxury beach resorts.

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“In the past, it’s been more about introspection,” says Andrea Ross, travel specialist for Wild Frontiers Travel. “Now, so many people are living together before they get married, it’s more now about having an adventure with that person and doing things that you enjoy together.”

Some destinations for an adventure that are growing in popularity include wildlife excursions in Antarctica and walking or cycling tours through remote wildernesses. Many couples are also opting for volunteer opportunities abroad, where they are able to put their money and time toward giving back.

“Many couples want to start off married life on a good karmic foot,” says Ross. For example, she’s arranged English-teaching workshops in places such as Vietnam and Cambodia for her clients and newlyweds. “We try to use volunteer experiences that aren’t voyeuristic.”

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It seems that more and more couples don’t want to go where everyone else has already been, they want to make their mark and have an adventure that they can reminisce about for a lifetime.