Laws that were previously temporary, including fines for swimming in fountains and eating in restricted areas, have now become permanent.


To crack down on unruly tourists and overtourism, Rome City’s Council has passed new laws that ban drinking on the streets, organized bar crawls, and bathing in the city’s fountains.


The new laws passed also prohibit clubs and bars from serving alcohol between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m., and people who get caught with drinking on public streets after 10 p.m. will be reprimanded or fined up to $400.


In addition, police will be able to issue fines or bans on people who throw objects, spill liquids or substances, plunge animals, damage, climb, or lie on city fountains.


According to the city’s website, the new rules are part of the new Urban Police Regulations, which had been awaiting revision for more than 70 years.


City officials said the new rules would offer greater possibilities for action and new instruments of intervention and sanctions by the local police.


A statement on the city’s website continues that the new rules are there to ”deal with many aspects of city life, with particular attention to respect for the artistic and cultural heritage of the capital.”


The new laws come just months after officials in Florence, Italy instituted fines for tourists caught eating on the streets, as reported in CNN.


Bans can last anywhere from 48 hours to 60 days.


New laws were also passed by the city’s council make it so that those dressed in gladiator costumes who pose for photos with tourists in exchange for payment are fined up to $400.