Packing during the winter months isn’t always ideal because it means you’ll have to make space for heavy coats, bulky sweaters, and whatever else you think will keep you warm as the temperatures drop. Before you find yourself sitting on your suitcase and hoping it zips up, check out these travel hacks for packing the bulkiest of clothes.


Wear Your Heaviest Pieces On The Plane


We know it is not always ideal to wear your largest winter coat and boots, just to have to take all of it off when you go through TSA (unless you have pre-check) but this hack will likely open up space in our suitcase and save you money if you’re a person that likes to skate by baggage fees.


Lay On The Accessories


It can be tempting to overload your suitcase with sweaters and sweatshirts when you’re headed to a cold-weather destination, but the key to staying warm and saving space is packing accessories.  Scarves, gloves, and tights can keep you warm without adding too much bulk to your suitcase.


Invest In Packing Cubes


The age-old “roll, don’t fold” method is a travel hack we’re all familiar with because of its space-saving superpowers, but thanks to travel cubes you can organize your items and save even more space for bulky items you might not be able to wear onto the plane.


Leave Those Two Extra Pair Of Pants At Home


How many times have you overpacked, and questioned why you overstuffed your luggage with pants you never wore? We’ve been there, too. Pack dark pants that you can mix and match with multiple tops. If you’re worried about stains, pack a Tide To Go pen or a travel-sized laundry detergent since many Airbnbs and hotels have washers and dryers on site.


Keep Everything Organized With A Rubberband


This is a packing travel hack many travelers use to make even more space in their suitcases. Rubberbands allow for extra organization, and some travelers even find rubberbanding bulky items more effective than packing cubes.


Pack Small Items Inside Your Shoes


Sometimes you need just a little more space to pack that last t-shirt, or sock, or underwear. Your shoes can make a great space to put those necessities as long as you make sure your shoes aren’t smelly before packing your clean undergarments in the soles.