People who travel frequently must have already passed through several unpleasant situations. A very weird situation caught on video during a Southwest Airlines flight has gone viral on TikTok proving that you must be prepared for crazy experiences on flight. Now, a traveler posted a clip that shows a passenger using his bare foot to shut the blind of a plane window.

The short footage, which has over 1.7 million likes so far, has a caption that reads: “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING [crying, laughing emojis] @Southwest Airlines HELP.” The video, The video, posted by @clarastopsecretaccount in June, shocked Titok users.


THIS IS NOT HAPPENING 😭😭 @Southwest Airlines HELP

♬ original sound – Not Clara bell

The video shows the moment when the passenger used his or her toes to close the window blind before stretching forward toward the armrest of the seat next to the window.

The footage also showed the reaction of the neighboring passenger who giggled before the foot moved back toward its seat.

The video of the passenger using bare foot to shut the window blind during a flight has received over 60,000 comments.

Violet 🧿
I can’t tell if this is a joke or not 😭 closing the window is one thing but why is it reaching for you 🥴

absolutely not. call the police

💯King Troll💯
I’m surprised they were able to close it with their feet

id be actually scream crying 😭😭😭

As Newsweek reported, 78 per cent of Americans dislike passengers going barefoot on a plane, according to a 2019 Airplane and Hotel Etiquette Study.

The study was conducted on behalf of the online travel website Expedia.

According to the study, “the Germ Spreader” is the most annoying type of flight passenger for Americans, the study said. The seat kicker, drunk traveler and aromatic passenger are other most annoying types of flight passengers, the study said.

Travel Noire reported about some other top most annoying flight passengers, according to travel site Only Wander Lust, that surveyed over 1500 airline passengers and asked what’s the most annoying problem they faced when they are flying. The survey was published in February 2022.