The Thuh Juneteenth Film Festival, in partnership with Be Reel Black Cinema Club amplified Black voices this Juneteenth in Los Angeles. The festival was held at Leimert Park on Sunday, June 19th. 

Courtesy of Thuh

About Thuh

Thuh is a Los Angeles “community-focused amplifier of honest expressions in the visual arts.” Their second annual film festival is a chance to educate, fellowship and share intracultural stories through media. 

“What does the future look like to one that has never been allowed to dream? How does one build up a people with foreign or newly crafted tools? In what ways do ancestral memory and desires for coming generations inform the now? These are the questions we’re looking to answer through this year’s films,” says Jacob Grey, co-director and founder of Thuh. 

It’s partner, Be Reel Black Cinema Club, “celebrates Black filmmakers telling our stories through indie, archival, and previously inaccessible films one monthly meetup at a time.”

‘Stepping Into Tomorrow’

This year’s festival theme was ‘Stepping Into Tomorrow,’ inspired by the Donald Byrd song.

The festival’s goal is to amplify the work of independent filmmakers from the African Diaspora. 

Thuh Junetenth Film Festival is a celebration of LA Rebellion filmmakers, experimental shorts and a time to experience and express joy. 

This community-focused event will donate ticket sales from the shorts block to PRTND Studios. Sales from the film “Faya Dayi” will be donated to Tigray Action Committee. 

Thuh Juneteenth Film Festival Lineup

Killer of Sheep – Charles Burnett

Compensation – Zeinabu Irene Davis

T – Keisha Rae Witherspoon

Negro’s 6 – Livington Matthews and Jack McKainj

I Snuck Off The Slave Ship – Lonnie Holley and Cyrus Moussavi

Faya Dayi – Jessica Beshir

Thuh Film Festival
Courtesy of Thuh

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