Guests staying at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo will soon be able to book a room with its own flight simulator.

Starting July 18, you will be able to stay in the Superior Cockpit Room and enjoy marvelous views while flying over the hotel to Oskaka’s Hami Airport.

The simulator is based on a Boeing 737-800 and will take you through the skies for 90 minutes before making its way back to the airport.

Travelers will be able to enjoy views during the daytime and evening.

An instructor will guide guests through the flight experience and they will be given the ability to use a control stick — getting the full experience of maneuvering the aircraft.

The aviation-themed hotel says, “you can experience the sense that you are actually maneuvering the craft by tilting the landscape and by operation your control stick.”

Since the hotel is closely located to Haneda (Tokyo International) Airport, guests will also be able to partake in an aviation-based experience such as the 24-hour observation deck.

There is also Tiat Sky Road which has four different flight simulators, consisting of model planes from various airlines.

The room starts at 23,000 yen (about $216) with an additional cost of 30,000 yen (about $278) to enjoy the flight simulator experience.

According to CNN Travel, approximately $92,000 was spent by Haneda Excel Hotel to install the flight simulator.

The experience was built in hopes of becoming a key attraction for tourists visiting Tokyo as well as aviation enthusiasts.